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What is STAIREO.com?
STAIREO is mutually beneficial online marketplace where everyone involved WINS.  Our “Staircase Marketing” structure is a trademarked method developed to provide the most exceptional offers possible to our consumers, while at the same time, creating strong business relationships for our retailers.
How does STAIREO.com work?
STAIREO posts new exciting deals daily at wholesale costs normally only achievable if purchased in large “bulk” quantities. Only a limited amount of each advertised offer will be available per listing, so the quickest benefit the most. As items are sold, and inventory depletes, the price slowly increases. Fear not, you will never purchase an item for less than 20% off retail. You can’t lose!
What makes STAIREO.com different from the rest?
Besides being the first to present our breakthrough “Staircase Marketing” method, our main goal is building business relationships through our exceptional offers. We are constantly working on ways to give more to both our consumer and retailers. Ex. Once a consumer purchases an item on STAIREO.com, they will not only be guaranteed a great deal, but they will also receive a coupon to the online store of the retailer of which offer they chose. This promotes another opportunity for the retailer to gain a customer for life while the consumer continues to save $$$.

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